Stand mixer


Stand mixer

While a stand mixer can be indispensable help in the kitchen, it is downright impossible to find the right one. In this article, we will discuss all you need to know about the features, capacity and wattage of a stand mixer to buy one that will last you for years.

Still not sure: why should I buy a stand mixer?

A stand mixer will make your life a whole lot easier, especially if you are planning to bake a pile of Christmas cookies. A stand mixer is a heavy-duty machine that can knead dough, mix butter and sugar and whip eggs – less of a mess is made, everything is ready in an instant and you have to put in less effort in the boring part of the proceedings. A must-have for any enthusiastic baker.

How do I purchase the right one?

First of all, figure out what you need the mixer for. Are you going to use it ofter to prepare large quantities of food – for family gatherings, parties and any larger occasions of the sort?

The answer to this question will help you find out what the wattage and capacity of the mixer should be.

Power and capacity

To knead a batch of bread dough, for example, the bowl should be at least 4� quarts. As for the power, higher wattage does not mean the stand mixer is a good choice. You should measure the machine's power by the maximum pounds of dough or cups of flour it can process at a time.


Well, yes, this is important. The stand mixer should weigh enough, so it doesn't move around the countertop while it's running. Commonly, a stand mixer weighs about 20 pounds.

Basic features your stand mixer should have
Your stand mixershould be equipped with a: flat beater or a paddle for basic tasks, dough hook – for kneading or mixing bread dough, wire whip – for whipping cream or egg whites.

The most effective stand mixers include the “planetary action” feature. This means, they work at five or more different speeds.

Additional features

Your stand mixer should be able to work with extra attachments:
-for rolling special types of dough
-for juicing oranges and grapefruits
-even for grinding meat.

Where to buy a stand mixer; which models are best?

Go to an online website for kitchen appliances. Some of the most popular ones are:

KitchenAid Classic ($229.99)
The perfect mixer for small, everyday tasks. Boasts a number of different features; you can plug in all kinds of extra attachments like meat grinders and pasta makers. It is not a very powerful model, though – only 275 watts.

Bosch Universal Mixer ($378.95)
Ideal for heavy-duty mixing. Has a lot of power, which its 800-watt motor provides. However, the model can't be cleaned easily and can make a gigantic mess in the kitchen.

Cuisinart Stainless Stand Mixer ($399)
A good choice if you need to have a lot of baking done. Capacity is 7 quarts, a good deal higher than the standard 4�. A versatile, yet affordable high-end mixer.

Why make do with a hand mixer, when you can take advantage of the features a stand mixer will offer you? Save a lot of time and effort on the tedious moments in baking by choosing a stand mixer that suits you best.

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